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MAROON 5 World Tour 2022 Exclusive Digital Print

Own a piece of Maroon 5 history

Buy your exclusive limited edition Maroon 5 NFT Poster on ethereum for only .02 ETH ($49.95). Choose between eth, credit card, apple pay, and google cash. 

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Maroon 5 is embarking on their 2022 World Tour.  Here is your chance to own a limited edition digital print exclusive NFT. 

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What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens are a new type of blockchain token. They are the most recent trend in the market, and they have a variety of use cases. From gaming to concert tickets, and event posters, NFTs are a great tool for fans and collectors to interact with the bands they love.

NFTs can be used to represent any type of digital asset. They are stored on the blockchain and can’t be copied or forged like fiat currencies or other types of tokens.

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